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PAH-förorenad lerjord från Sickla industriområde, nuvarande Hammarby Sjöstad
Xylen och färgrester i mark på färgfabrik
Tunga industrioljor och bly i blekjord från industri
PAH och bly i tunga lermassor
Blyfragment i skjutvallar
Kvicksilver och dioxin i gammal industrimark i Bengtsfors
Föroreningar från bottenfärg, TBT och oljerester i vatten
PAH, tungmetaller, oljerester mm i halkbekämpningsand från västra Stockholm

SoilTech offers environmental solutions
for sustainable remediation

SoilTech remediates all kinds of even mixed contaminated soils.

SoilTechs remediation process is a soil washing and/or, wet chemical process, based on surveys, analysis and laboratory investigations. We design the process and assemble the appropriate equipment for the accurate remediation.

Starting from the existing survey we make sure that the contaminants in question are treatable. We design the process and the active substances needed, establish a treating plant and manage the operation. In conclusion that means that we choose appropriate units for basic treatment, put them together in a process line with our own equipment and connect electricity and water pipes. If needed, we develop functional chemical formulations for the process, biodegradable or reprocessed when used.

Water is used for classification, separation, transportation and washing or rinsing, and the process is almost closed. The process water is recirculated and normally partly treated during operation. When the operation is finished the residual water will be finally purified. We use electric powered equipment mostly. This implies low noise, no dust and a fairly low energy consumption.

Our well educated, skilled engineers, highly experienced in environmental protection as well as treatment of effluents start the designing process in the laboratory. If needed, we establish a pilot plant for the key treatment before suggesting the final design of the full scale process. This will also give us data for estimating result, quality levels and base figures for price offering.

For all orders we agree on a control program to ensure that a sufficient level of remediation and product quality is reached.

We also carry out feasibility studies,

starting in our own laboratory,

as a consulting service.

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With SoilTechs processes you also gain
recycled, cleaned and useful products.

The SoilTech process is not only designed to reduce or remove contaminations. With the process we also aim to produce useful cleaned gravel and sand products. The quality criteria will be decided depending on types of contaminations, soil structure and usability regulations and other requirements.

Different levels of wastewater treatment.

SoilTechs staff are experienced in creating and managing programs for developing, upgrading and implementing waste water treatment plants for local governments and industries.

We also implement smaller equipment for temporary use or for proper integration in the soil remediation process.

Contaminated bottom sludge was dredged up and dewatered. The water was treated and then returned into the recipient.

Soil and clay contaminated with PAH and lead demands many different treatment steps..

Oil sludge from oil-contaminated soil is separated through several steps including spillways.

Soil contaminated with mercury and dioxin before treatment.

Cleaned and recycled gravel and sand, from remediation of soil contaminated with mercury and dioxin.